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Taya Hughes is a Zimbabwean-born fashion designer currently based in the North West of England. She is the founder and CEO of Tayamika, a British fashion brand that specialises in womens wear and accessories.

Taya is a passionate advocate for both fashion and philanthropy. As a Director and Trustee of Leading Support for Humanity (LSFH), a UK-based charity, she also serves as the Creative Director for their social enterprise fashion brand, BASAL T4B. The brand's mission is to clothe the privileged in order to support the less advantaged, and its name is an acronym for "Buy And Save A Life Tayamika for Basal."
Taya is dedicated to raising awareness about the humanitarian issues caused by the fashion industry, both through her work and her platform. She hopes to inspire other emerging designers to join the fashion revolution and create positive change in the industry. In 2019, Taya launched Tayameaca, an ethical and sustainable fashion brand that upcycles and recycles wedding dresses to create new garments, which can also be dyed using natural dyes.
Taya and her brand, Tayamika, have received several prestigious awards and recognitions in recent years. In 2016, Tayamika was awarded The Liberty Fashion Design Competition Award, while in 2019, the brand received a special recognition award at The Pacesetters Business Expo. In 2020, Taya was honoured with a GAB award for her contribution to promoting a positive image for Africa and Africans through fashion.
The Tayamika brand has gained widespread recognition and media coverage, having been featured on BBC Radio, TV, newspapers, and magazines in the UK, US, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nigeria, and Ghana. You can find links to some of these press releases directly from the press page on our website.
Since launching the Tayamika brand in October 2015, Taya's designs have been showcased at numerous fashion shows and exhibitions throughout the UK, including Liverpool Fashion Week, Liverpool Slavery Museum Exhibition, Liverpool Urban Hair Show, Passion for African Fashion (PAFASH), Pacesetters Business Expo and more recently 100 years of fashion. Taya has also been able to fuse her passion for fashion with philanthropy by participating in various charity fashion shows across the UK in support of organizations such as Leading Support for Humanity (LSFH), HIVE, Ditch the Label, MIND, Women's Refuge, and the British Lung Foundation.
Taya was a participant in the Pacesetters Online Business Expo 2020, where she showcased her latest fascinator collection. She has also served as a host for the Pacesetters Fashion and Beauty Online Exhibitions. In October 2021, Taya was featured in the SKY Arts documentary "Statues Redressed." In February 2022, Taya opened her first Seven Streets Boutique in Liverpool, where she stocks her own brands as well as local designers and other independent brands with a focus on sustainable brands. The Seven Streets brand has been featured in the Liverpool Echo as well as The Guardian.

To stay connected with Tayamika and keep up-to-date with the brand's latest news and updates, please visit our website and follow us on social media using the links provided on the home page.

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